Heritage Helpline

Heritage Helpline Launched

PRESS RELEASE                                      

14th November 2016

The Prince's Regeneration Trust opens a Heritage Helpline for advice on saving our local heritage


The Prince's Regeneration Trust (PRT) is delighted to announce the opening of its Heritage Helpline.

The helpline will initially run for a pilot period every Tuesday from 15th November - 16th December from 12pm until 1pm. PRT hopes the helpline will prove invaluable and would like it to become a permanent resource.

The helpline forms part of PRT's BRICK education programme. For the past three years BRICK has been helping community groups build the practical skills, knowledge and connections they need to save local at risk buildings and find new valuable uses that will benefit their local area. This has been through UK-wide workshops, online BRICKwork resources and a mentoring programme. The new helpline provides another practical way the public can get project support.

The helpline is free, simple to use and available to anyone that needs advice and support with a local heritage project. Just go to the BRICK page of the PRT website, complete the helpline request form and a PRT heritage specialist will call you.

Laura Norris, Deputy Director of Operations, The Prince's Regeneration Trust, sees this as a fantastic and unique resource:

"This extends our mentoring programme in an exciting way by making us now flexible and available to give bespoke help right when it's needed.

Nobody else offers support in saving the buildings we care about in such an unfettered way. There are no conditions attached simply contact us and we will do our best to help you."

The BRICK programme has been made possible through major grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and generous contributions from the Alan Baxter Foundation, Purcell and British Land.